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Denodo Platform 7.0: Transform Your Business with Data Virtualization

Providing Agility in an Increasingly Complex Data Landscape

In today’s complex data landscape, it is no longer feasible to replicate data from myriad sources into a central repository, due to the associated costs and the delays in accessing the data.

Data virtualization is a modern data integration approach, which creates real-time, integrated views of data from disparate, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to support data services for business transactions, analytics, and other workload patterns, without replication.

Download this brochure to learn:

  • How data virtualization complements the capabilities of traditional data integration.
  • How the Denodo Platform is equipped to handle today and tomorrow's data management challenges.
  • The top 3 benefits for using data virtualization.
  • What differentiates the Denodo Platform from other data virtualization vendors
  • How four organizations used data virtualization to achieve cloud modernization, single view of the customer, logical data warehouse and, data governance.