For a young company in a rapidly competitive telco space, Ultra Mobile captured vast amounts of data that needed to be curated and analyzed in order to create value. But the underlying infrastructure didn’t support what the teams needed in order to be great at what they did. The dissemination of information was laborious and clunky at best.

Ultra Mobile had multiple data sources spread across a wide range of database environments including MySQL, SQL Server, Excel, and Cloudera Hadoop distribution. They needed a cost-effective and fast time-to-value path to data collaboration and analytics with a solid security and governance promise.

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  • Why Ultra Mobile's current data architecture was proving to be a bottleneck, causing chaos and poor productivity.
  • The cost-effective and fast time-to-value solution that Ultra Mobile opted for.
  • How the Denodo Platform enabled them to connect to their disparate data sources, including MySQL, SQL Server, Excel and Cloudera Hadoop.
  • How the Denodo Platform works alongside Looker's analytics platform.
  • The top 5 benefits that Ultra Mobile were able to achieve using both the Denodo Platform and Looker's analytics platform.