How Swiss Re Business Users Gained Faster Time-to-Value

Swiss Re’s internal business users needed a 360° view of the relevant data. In the past, the company had difficulty creating true 360° views, because Swiss Re was relying on a traditional architecture that was not delivering all of the relevant information to the data warehouse. 

Swiss Re therefore planned to implement an agile data integration platform to complement its traditional data warehouse. This would enable real-time data integration and make business decision-making faster and easier. Furthermore, the consuming applications would access the relevant data via the OData standard and provide easy data access for end users, portals, and applications.

Download this case study to learn more about the following:

  • How Swiss Re addressed their business need and needs of their internal clients.
  • How they implemented Denodo’s OData service.
  • The 4 main benefits of implementing Denodo’s data virtualization platform.
  • A diagram to show how the Denodo platform unlocks data from additional siloes.
  • The result of this implementation for Swiss Re.