Vizient is the largest member owned healthcare company in the US, delivering industry-leading supply chain management services and clinical improvement services to its members.

They grapple with more than 1 billion detailed line item spend data, 110 million detailed patient records, 9 million products with 100 million cross-references, and 110,000 non-acute care customers, submitted each month.

The Sales Operations team needed various types of reporting, such as opportunities, leads and member-related reports. Additionally, they needed to analyze opportunity-to-outcome, member-to-product and lead time using BI tools.

The Denodo Platform helped Vizient drive down licensing costs drastically by avoiding the expenses of several Salesforce licenses accrued savings right from the first year. According to Chuck DeVries, VP Architecture and Development at Vizient, "The Denodo Platform will provide 350% ROI over 5 years and break even within 1.5 years of our initial project and will continue to deliver additional savings every year. Further, we plan to leverage the platform in our data lake project".

Download the document to see the full case study and how Denodo data virtualization technology helped this healthcare company.

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