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Test Drive FAQ

What's a Denodo “Test Drive” and what does it offer?

Test Drives provide real-world examples of how the Denodo Platform solves key challenges for specific use cases using Data Virtualization. It offers you a hands-on experience in creating data models, running queries and creating reports, showcasing how it can be easily done on public clouds.

Who can run Test Drives and what business functions does it relate to?

We designed Test Drives to showcase unique capabilities of Denodo platform for data virtualization. It demonstrates the value to every stakeholder in the business, whether you are a:

  • IT/architect concerned with accelerating data access
  • Data scientist eager to gain insights from relevant data sets
  • CDO/business analyst who wants to learn about data driven capabilities
  • No matter your role, you will learn a whole lot from Test Drives in a minimal period of time.

Is there a cost associated with running test drives, and do I need to create an account on AWS/Azure?

No. Test Drives are completely free and cover software and cloud infrastructure costs. There is no need to create separate user accounts with AWS or Microsoft Azure, just “launch and learn”.

How long does the test drive last and can I take it multiple times?

After completing registration we will provision a test drive environment on the cloud, which will be available for two hours. This should provide you ample time to complete the test drive. If you need more time to engage with the Test Drive you can register again and launch a new Test Drive environment for another two hours.

What are the different types of Test Drives and how to get access?

Test Drives provide a unique first hand experience of Denodo Platform solutions in the cloud and on-premise. Using data virtualization you can derive insights from a wide variety of data sets including databases, big data, SaaS applications and more. As part of this journey, we’ll provide Test Drives for different use cases that are most common in the industry.

What are the next steps after taking a “Test Drive” ?

This is the most logical question that one comes to mind after taking a "Test Drive, but we want you to see it for yourself. The experience is designed to provide you the best value for your time, with as much detail about how one can take advantage of the Denodo Platform in cloud or on-premise to solve business challenges using data virtualization. There are two paths after taking the Test Drive:

  1. Register for a Free Trial on AWS or Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Free Trial is to create a playground using your own data and reporting/data integration needs.
  2. Request a POC, where a Denodo engineer will work with your team to outline the success criteria and testing scenarios to get you further ahead on your path to data driven simplification.

How is a “Test Drive” different from a “Free Trial”?

The test drive provides you with a direct hands-on experience. We leverage substantial sized data sets and complex scenarios to prove the value of data virtualization. You learn about data virtualization capabilities that help you make better informed decision. In a Free Trial we provide you the opportunity to test Denodo Platform with your own data sets in a closely defined environment. The Test Drive is available for two hours, while the Free Trial can be used for up to 10 business days.

What should I do, if after registration for the Test Drive I cannot complete it to the end?

If for some reason you cannot take the Test Drive (after the initial registration), we encourage you to come back and register for a new Test Drive.

Whom should I contact or reach out to, if there is any issue with the Test Drive?

The Test Drive is meant to be self-driven and self-explanatory, but if you still have questions, we ask you to email us at "”


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