Howie Lim from Money FM 89.3 interviewed Angel Viña, CEO & Founder of Denodo Technologies for his perspective on data virtualization in the new decade (Radio Broadcast, 16 January 2020).

During the interview, Angel described how more companies are seeing the importance of using data to make better decisions about their businesses, as well the challenges of data management across industries. He mentioned in the past, the focus was on storage whereas in the 20s, data usage will be priority for companies which gives rise to new roles such as Chief Data Officer. He also briefly touched on the topic of data analytics, detailing the importance of managing data assets and making data available for analytics first. He described Denodo’s plans for Singapore and APAC in the future, highlighting the region’s potential to be comparable to Europe and North America in the field of data virtualization. When prompted on what keeps him up at night as CEO, Angel shared that on the flipside based on in-depth discussions with companies over the last 20 years and understanding the challenges they face, he also sees how Denodo technologies has helped businesses create significant business benefits. Sharing examples such as enhancing customer service and improving the way governments implement security measures, he finds his work rewarding and closes the day on a positive note.

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Here is the interview on Money FM