Oil and gas companies are leveraging data virtualization to gain unprecedented efficiencies

Recent years have been particularly challenging for oil and gas companies. Priced at just over $50 per barrel in 2016, brent crude oil had been priced at $115 just five years ago, and this harsh reality has affected the operational strategies of oil and gas companies around the globe. Savvy oil and gas companies are actively seeking areas of inefficiency that they can invigorate, as often, data cannot be leveraged because it is poorly integrated.

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  • The causes of the poor integration of oil and gas data and why the data ends up in silos.
  • How data virtualization works and how it enables four key use cases for the oil and gas industry.
  • The data virtualization use cases for oil and gas industries.
  • How four oil and gas companies have successfully leveraged data virtualization to overcome their data integration challenges.
  • The unique benefits of data virtualization for oil and gas companies.