Leveraging Data Virtualization To Avoid Cloud Pitfalls

Companies are rapidly moving from desktop apps to cloud-based apps, and they’re moving data from physical data centers to cloud-based repositories. These trends show no signs of slowing down; IDG predicts that by 2018, the typical IT department will house most of its apps and platforms in the cloud. 

Unfortunately, both app migrations and data migrations are fraught with challenges, and companies will need to overcome these challenges if they hope to take full advantage of cloud benefits. 

Download this solution brief to learn more about the following:

  • The typical challenges involved in moving to cloud-based apps and storage.
  • How data virtualization can integrate SaaS applications, in real time.
  • How data virtualization can reduce SaaS licensing fees.
  • How data virtualization enables hybrid infrastructures.
  • How Vizient, Logitech and Biogen successfully transitioned to the cloud using data virtualization.