New technologies such as big data, cloud, and the Internet of things (IoT) are increasing the volume and variety of data every day, and companies still struggle with leveraging data assets in a meaningful way. Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, offers a modern, highly effective method for integrating data in real-time and providing a logical data catalog for business use. Wipro has deep expertise across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and energy, to enable companies to facilitate massive data management initiatives. Together, their combined solution helps customers to overcome key data integration challenges.

Read this solution brief to understand:

  • Three key data challenges and how to overcome these using modern data management techniques.
  • How to leverage analytics expertise and data virtualization to thrive in the 21st century.
  • Five examples of real companies that are leveraging the combined Wipro/Denodo solution.