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Data Virtualization: Perceptions and Market Trends - BI leadership Benchmark Report

Data Virtualization software is not new. It has existed for more than 20 years in one form or another under a variety of names but it is now gaining traction in a variety of market segments, including business intelligence (BI), application development and big data. 

Today, Data Virtualization is still in the early adopter phase, but many more BI professionals are evaluating the software than in the past. Meanwhile, the software has improved significantly, overcoming performance and scalability issues that dogged earlier versions of the software. Many BI professionals may not even realize they are using data virtualization software since many BI and ETL vendors have embedded thes capabilities into their products. 

Sponsored by Denodo Technologies, this research report by Wayne Eckerson of TechTarget elaborates on how Data Virtualization is just scratching the surface for many business intelligence (BI) professionals. Fortunately, the software has improved significantly, virtually eliminating performance and scalability issues that were evident in the past. It provides BI professionals with a way to make the most of consolidation. View this white paper to learn more about how the big data movement is expanding. It explains the exponential increase in the variety of data and how business users can access and examine all of the data with the help of data virtualization software.


Solution: Agile BI