Denodo has released the Denodo Platform 7.0, which redefines data management for the next generation. Denodo Platform 7.0 brings significant enhancements that will make even easier for business users to discover and find the information they need, with unprecedented scalability even in the most demanding big data and analytics environments, and tools to manage big deployments in multi-location architectures that can seamlessly combine both on-prem and multi-cloud deployments.

This whitepaper introduces the Denodo Platform 7.0, covering all the features available not only in this release but also in previous ones, with special emphasis on the latest features:

  • Big data query acceleration
  • Dynamic Query Optimizer
  • Dynamic Data Catalog
  • Modern data services layer
  • Automated lifecycle management
  • Availability on major cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure marketplaces and containerization platforms (Docker).