The new release of the Denodo Platform 7.0 comes to provide some order to the complexity of data management in the enterprise nowadays bringing data management to the next level. In Denodo we share the vision of providing a unified data delivery layer based on data virtualization, a one-stop-shop for data for business users and applications, bridging the gap with the actual IT infrastructure by hiding the underlying complexity and exposing data in a business friendly manner.

And to realize that vision the new release of Denodo 7.0 includes key capabilities for making even easier for business users to explore and find the information they need while at the same time IT can enforce security and

governance rules. 

This whitepaper reviews the new features of Denodo 7.0 that we have classified according to the following pillars:

  • Unparalleled Performance: Combined power of Parallel In-memory Fabric & Dynamic Query Optimization
  • Dynamic Data Catalog
  • IT and Business Persona
  • Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, Edge for Maximum Flexibility
  • Automated Lifecycle Management