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Denodo Platform Provides Universal Capability, Both in Terms of Sources and Targets (by Bloor Research).

Businesses today have the opportunity to make huge gains by leveraging more data than ever before for both analytics and operations—to improve customer service, speed products to market, cut costs and more. They could use lots and lots of data from a growing number of sources—that is the good news. That is also the bad news. For data consumers, whether they are end-users or application developers, easy access to relevant data to speed time to market is the key need. For IT serving them, agile data provisioning that is efficient, high-performing and securely managed is the key challenge.

This whitepaper created by Philip Howard, from Bloor Research, describes the Denodo Platform 5.0, from the four main capabilities:

  • Data Virtualization. It makes all relevant data sources, including databases, various application environments, web and unstructured content appear as if they were in one place so that you can access that data as such.
  • Data Abstraction. It presents the data to relevant applications in a consistent fashion regardless of any native structure and syntax that may be in use in the underlying data sources.
  • Data Federation. it allows you to pull data together from diverse, heterogeneous sources and present that in a holistic manner, while maintaining appropriate security measures and quality of service.
  • Data publication. It presents your data in a preferred use specific format to the front-end application either through relational views (via SQL) or by means of data (web) services of various types.