Big Data Minds

 16 Sep 2018 to 18 Sep 2018 - Berlin, Germany

Big Data Minds 2018 is the tailor-made platform on which new methods, tools, and concrete projects for storage, processing, and efficient analysis of large amounts of data are presented. 

It is aimed at big data users and analysts as well as IT and infrastructure managers who should provide big datarelated architectures so that business and use cases can be realized. Best practices from data intense industries meet innovative technologies and new concepts. 

Denodo is a business partner at this event. To meet with our experts onsite request a meeting with us or simply stop by our booth.

Would you like to hear firsthand best practices from one of our customers? 

Don't miss our customer speaker session and learn how Festo became a leader in the Industry 4.0 Revolution: 

Session: Industry 4.0 – Die datengesteuerte Revolution bei Festo 

Date: Monday, Sep 17th  from 12:15 – 12:45 pm 

Core topics of Big Data Minds 2018:  

  • Use and business cases of using Big Data: Big Data and Monetization  
  • Beyond Big Data and Increasing Efficiency: The Path to Machine Learning & AI  
  • (Serverless) Data Lake Projects  
  • Applications and Practical Experience - Digital Transformation, IoT, Industry 4.0  
  • How Technology Trends Push Big Data? - Smart concepts for the integration and analysis of Big Data  
  • Technologies for the evaluation of structured and unstructured mass data 
  • Value proposition of predictive analytics 
  • Business value and ROI of the targeted use of tools and analysis methods  
  • Design of high-performance enterprise architectures for Big Data  
  • Requirements for analytical infrastructures for the use of Big Data  
  • Backup and recovery concepts for Big Data  
  • Methods and strategies for the effective protection of unstructured data  • Effective selection of data worth protecting   


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