23 Aug 2018 - Boston, MA

A Field Guide to Data Science & Emerging Tech in the Boston Community

Denodo is excited to be a sponsor at MinneBos. Be a part of something new and disruptive while helping shape the growth of the analytics community in the Boston area. This premier, multi-track event features sessions on the latest topics in data science, including AI, Machine Learning, and much more. If you are interested in advancing the analytics community and passionate about engagement with your peers, this event is for you.

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Title: Using Data Virtualization to Feed Your Analytical and ML Models
Speaker: Paul Moxon, VP of Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist, Denodo.
When: Thursday, August 23

Agenda: We have data everywhere…in databases and data warehouses, in files and spreadsheets, in a data lake and on servers, in the cloud and on-premise. Finding the data that you need can be difficult in a modern data ecosystem and cloud adoption can make this downright challenging. Data virtualization is a technology that allows users to find and access the data that they need without having to replicate it into a consolidated central repository, such as a data lake. Data virtualization provides a semantic layer on top of existing your data stores - whether on-premise or in the cloud - that allows users to find and access the data that they need, in real-time, as and how they need it. This session explains how data virtualization achieves this promise of data accessibility for everyone - self-service with guard rails - even with the largest of analytical data sets.

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