Cloudera Government Forum 2019

 03 Dec 2019 - Canberra, Australia

Denodo is proud to be sponsoring the Cloudera Government Forum. Hear Chris Day, Principal Solution Architect, ANZ, Denodo present at 11.40am in Steam 1 on 'Data Virtualization: A Must-have Platform for AI/ ML Projects'.

For their AI/ ML and data science projects to be successful, data scientists need access to all of the enterprise data delivered through their myriad of data models. However, gaining access to all data, integrated into a central repository has been a challenge. As a result, data scientists have been expected to learn data integration tools and methods, which is not their cup of tea. Often 80% of the project time is spent on these tasks. 

The data virtualization platform helps data scientists offload these data integration tasks, allowing them to focus on advanced analytics.

In this session, you will learn how data virtualization:

  • Provides all of the enterprise data, in real-time, and without replication.
  • Enables data scientists to create and share multiple logical models using simple drag and drop.
  • Provides a catalogue of all business definitions, lineage, and relationships within a notebook.

If you would like to reserve a timeslot to have a chat or see a demo at our stand while you are at the conference, please contact us here.

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