Data Analytics 2019

 26 Mar 2019 to 27 Mar 2019 - Cologne, Germany

DOAG and Oracle will be holding a joint event on Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Cloud and Data Warehousing on March 26 and 27, 2019.  Under the motto "mastering the data explosion" this two day event will focus on key topics:

Tradition meets smart & networked

Traditional data warehouse and BI systems continue to deliver robust, quality-assured data that delivers reliable information. But existing IT architectures and analysis processes are currently undergoing an impressive transformation. According to Bitkom, one in four machines in German factories is already smart and networked.

Impact on IT architectures

With their many sensors, the intelligent devices collect more data than ever before - everything is gradually becoming measurable. But is the systematic collection and analysis of the generated data meaningful? What impact does this have on IT architectures and technology? What does this mean for business processes and corporate strategy?

Information for business

At Data Analytics, find out how new technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Autonomous Cloud Services can help you manage the data explosion and filter out information for your business. Future-oriented field reports give you valuable practical knowledge from the perspective of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Embedded Analytics.

Session title : The Future of Data Analysis: Multi-Purpose Data Lakes

Session details: Historically, data lakes have been created as a central physical data storage platform for data analysis. But the vast increase in data volumes, the emergence of new privacy regulations, access restrictions within organizations, and many other reasons have made central data storage less viable and reveal why distributed multi-purpose data lakes are the future of data analytics for a wide range of businesses Usern is.

What you learn in this session: 

  • Why traditional data lakes are no longer sufficient
  • How To: Building a Logical Multi-Purpose Data Lake for Business Users
  • Which new use cases make a multi-purpose data lake necessary?

Speaker: Thomas Niewel, Technical Sales Director DACH

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