Optimizing Your Agency Data Strategy and Roadmap


 27 Aug 2019 - Columbus, Ohio

  7.30am - 10.00am ET

Renaissance Downtown Columbus, 50 North 3rd street, Columbus, OH

Get ready for optimizing an enterprise data analytics program in this free breakfast seminar, co-hosted by our partner Sense Corp at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel. This session will be tailored specifically to OH state agencies, and will help you learn about the tried-and-true strategies, best practices and leading technologies to overcome barriers and ensure success.


7:30 am 7:30 Registration, Breakfast and Networking 8:00 am Optimizing Your Agency Data Strategy and Roadmap

Sense Corp has played a major role in preparing, establishing and implementing successful public sector analytics programs to drive meaningful social and economic benefits that make a difference for all stakeholders. As a thought-leader in this space, Sense Corp points to data analytics as a pivotal tool in dramatically changing and streamlining the way government delivers services.

Whether your “enterprise” is a state agency or a state program with data sources managed by multiple divisions or agencies, you’ll gain an understanding of how to establish an Enterprise Data Analytics strategy including:

  • Defining the business problem to be solved with a focus on improved outcomes
  • Breaking down silos and establishing an enterprise vision and approach
  • Identifying data assets and data integrity
  • Accelerating adoption and achieving quick wins with iterative steps that deliver results quickly
  • Discovering hidden insights and observations through exploratory projects
  • Creating a modern data architecture aligned with program objectives
  • Establishing a balanced program supported by the appropriate level of Data Governance

8:45 am The Role of Data Virtualization in the Era of Big Data & Predictive Analytics

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” - The Economist, May 2017.

Data is the critical component of all data and analytics initiatives, whether under the guise of digital transformation for increased efficiencies within departments or open data projects for improving public services. The biggest challenge is how do you make this data readily available and accessible to the users who need it while still maintaining control and security over this data.

Data virtualization is a technology that answers the challenge, allowing data owners to quickly and easily provide access to data - both internal and external to the organization - without having to move or copy the data into a centralized, shared location. Data virtualization also allows organizations to maintain control over their data - what data is shared and with whom - while avoiding the need to have appropriately filtered copies of the data for each type of user.

In this session, you will hear how:

  • Data Virtualization can accelerate and simplify data and analytics initiatives.
  • How Data Virtualization works with your existing technology to create a flexible and scalable modern data architecture.
  • How users, internal and external to the organization, can use Data Virtualization to access the data that they need, without having access to unnecessary data.
  • How IT can accelerate the rate at which they can deliver information to their users to provide more timely insights and support better and more informed decision making.
9:45 am Q&A

Questions and answers

10:00 am Event Concludes

Presenter Bios

Stacie Butler

Stacie Butler

Managing Director – Public Sector / Principal, Sense Corp

Stacie Butler is a Managing Director in the Sense Corp Public Sector Division and key leader in our Transformation practice. With over 15 years of experience advising and leading strategic technology programs for both public and private entities, she now provides strategic direction for clients and specializes in understanding their business imperatives. She understands the power of data in solving many of the challenges faced by public sector organizations and can dissect barriers for leveraging data into manageable initiatives that truly have an impact on the client’s overall vision and goals.

Jimmy Schatte

Jimmy Schatte

SVP – Public Sector / Principal, Sense Corp

Jimmy Schatte is a Senior Vice President with Sense Corp and leads the Public Sector Division. With over 20 years of digital transformation experience, he brings extensive expertise in the delivery of high-performance business and technical solutions, as well as executive leadership and oversight of large-scale transformation programs. As the leader of the Public Sector Division, Jimmy has served many of the largest state agencies in the country from strategy to implementation on their most critical technology modernization efforts. For most of his career, Jimmy has worked with state and local government entities to define data analytics strategies that drive improved outcomes for constituents.

Paul Moxon

Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist, Denodo

Paul Moxon is Denodo’s VP of Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist and he works closely with Denodo’s customers to understand their use of Data Virtualization and recommending usage patterns, deployment architectures, and best practices for using the Denodo Platform. Paul has over 30 years of experience in the software industry, starting as a developer building real-time control systems for oil and gas pipelines in the UK and the Netherlands before working as a consultant on large integration projects with the likes of AT&T Wireless, Bechtel Corporation, Saudi Aramco, and Reuters. He has also worked for leading software companies such as BEA Systems, Progress Corporation, and IONA Technologies. Paul is an avid Boston Red Sox fan and suffers the pains and challenges of being a Red Sox fan living in New York.

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