BIGIT 2019

 2019/09/24 to 2019/09/25 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are delighted to be a Platinum sponsor at the BIGIT 2019 “The Rise of Data-Driven Organisation". This event looks at the current state of big data adoption in Malaysia as they discover many impactful advanced analytics- and AI-driven products and solutions that are catalysts to organisational transformation. 

Participants at BIGIT 2019 will learn:

  • How advanced analytics is exploited for gains in key sectors.
  • How AI will find the next oil well. 
  • How credit card companies exploit AI to brainwash you into parting with your money.
  • How AI will produce more jobs than ever.
  • How Malaysia is going to catalyse and continue spurring the adoption of AI in the country to improve the nation's competitive position.
  • And many more.

Denodo speaking session at BIGIT 2019 will cover:

  • Introduction to data virtualization
  • Deeper analysis on integrating data from structured databases to unstructured sources. 
  • Success stories/use cases where data virtualization has helped the organisations  
  • Examples of business agility and ROI delivered by data virtualization

When: Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 12:00PM - 12:30PM




If you would like to meet the Denodo team or see a demo in Kuala Lumpur during the week or at the event, please contact us here.

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