Big Data Analytics

 13 Jun 2018 - London, UK

We are very happy to be participating in the Big Data Analytics conference in London for the third time. Denodo is a gold sponsor of the event, so look out for our seminar session with the latest information and market trends involving data virtualization.  Also, make sure to stop by our stand to meet our experts, learn more about Denodo Platform 7.0 with the latest updates to our data virtualization tool, or just to say "hello" and pick up a goodie. 

Don't miss our seminar session!

Topic: From Cloud Ready to Cloud Smart – The Missing Link

Synopsis: In their cloud journey, organizations face issues with downtime, data security and privacy, hybrid architecture deployment and time-to-market. Unless addressed from the very beginning, these challenges can turn cloud adoption into a nightmare. Some of the largest organizations across a wide range of industries have found their answer in data virtualization. This session will discuss how data virtualization makes the cloud journey easy, agile and secure, supported by real customer case studies.

Speaker: Becky Smith, Product Marketing Manager, Denodo

We look forward to seeing you there!

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