Denodo and Info-Alchemy Hands-on Workshop Event

 22 Nov 2019 - Manila, Philippines

Data Virtualization has been getting a lot of attention recently - Gartner has called it an important component of any data integration architecture. Join us in this partner event with Info-Alchemy to experience first hands for yourself.

In the Hands on Workshop, you will get to experience:

1. How quickly and easily you can integrate and provision data using the Denodo Platform

2. How the Denodo query optimizer delivers data in real-time, on-demand even when dealing with very large data sets

3. How you can expose data as 'data services' for consumption by a variety of users and tools

4. How data virtualization can play a critical role in data governance and security within your organization

The Hands on Workshop will be a chance for you to get hands on experience of Data Virtualization and how it works, try out the Denodo Platform and become a Data Ninja!

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12:00 - 13:00
Session 1
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