Predictive Analytics: the Hottest Techniques and Tools

 19 Mar 2019 to 20 Mar 2019 - Mason, OH and Dublin, OH

Get ready for the incoming wave of techniques and tools in predictive analytics with TDWI Analyst Fern Halper, Ph.D., in these free breakfast meetings.  

The market is changing rapidly, requiring everyone to improve their decision-making to remain competitive, compliant, and protect and grow margins. Today, it often is not enough to look in the rear-view mirror with historical data. Instead, market leaders need to use predictive analytics ‒ looking at the dashboard and through the windshield ‒ to navigate the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Dr. Halper will share insight into the fastest trending analytics tools, including machine learning, and an overview of what’s required to establish a predictive analytics practice. Tom LaSalle, Director at Denodo, will join the discussion with an overview of how data virtualization enables predictive analytics and big data solutions to scale to meet the huge increase in data types, sources, volumes and security models.

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