EAC - Le architetture ICT nell'era del multicloud (Italy)

 09 Oct 2020 - Milano, Italy

  10.00 CEST

We are glad to be the Sponsor for the Enterprise Architecture Webconference organized by Soiel. Having ICT architectures that allow to operate quickly, guaranteeing control, governance and access to resources is today, together with the possibility to design innovative and efficient services, the great challenge for all those who lead and seek to evolve corporate IT. Some topics that will be discussed in the web conference:

  • What are the evolving trends of ICT architectures? How does the evolving model change into a 'microservice' logic?
  • How to guarantee data security and availability in this evolving context?
  • What is and how to enhance the link between the evolution of ICT architectures and the development of applications to support the business?
  • What are the new reference standards and best practices?
  • What are the new skills required from market players?
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