TDWI Munich

 25 Jun 2018 to 27 Jun 2018 - Munich, Germany

We are excited to be platinum sponsors at TDWI Munich this year. For 14 years, the conference has been an integral part of the calendar of BI experts such as BI project managers, heads of BICC, business & data analysts and consultants. Be part of the conference with more than 1,300 BI experts from the BI community and stop by the Denodo booth to learn how data virtualization works and get your hands on some freebies.

Don't miss our customer speaker session!

Topic: Case Study Denodo: Industry 4.0 - The Data Driven Revolution Taking Place at Festo
When: 14:00 - 14:30
Where: CSdi4

Synopsis: Festo, the leader in industrial control and automation is at the forefront of industrial automation revolution. Festo is setting up an Energy Transparency System (ETS) that will provide transparency with regard to energy flow and energy consumption in their Technology Plant. Modern information technology, including data virtualization and big data, will be at the heart of the ETS. 

Our Data Experts onsite are looking forward to answering your questions and showing you a live demo of the new Denodo Platform 7.0. Request a meeting or stop by our booth. 

What will you learn?

  • What is industry 4.0 and why Festo is at the forefront of this revolution
  • How self-service BI powered by data virtualization and visualization is enabling business users at Festo
  • What’s next in Festo’s journey supporting the data driven revolution

Speaker: Frank Diethard, Principle Consultant Business Intelligence Innovations, Festo

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