CDO Exchange London 2020

 14 Jul 2020 to 15 Jul 2020 - Online

CDO Exchange is back. We couldn't miss it and neither should you! Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with senior executives responsible for value-driven data strategies implementation.

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Future-proofing your Data Strategy during a global pandemic

The current climate has brought about rapid and likely longstanding changes worldwide. In only a matter of months, we’ve seen businesses, multinational corporations, and even entire industries, quickly pivot business operations and strategies just to stay afloat. The data challenge is nothing new. Public sector organisations, governments and private businesses all store data across a network of on-premise, multi-cloud and third-party environments. Whilst troublesome before, in the current crisis this system of disparate data sources is a real cause for concern.

The ability for organisations to thrive and stay resilient in a rapidly-changing environment depends on their ability to leverage data to navigate the transformation. To achieve real business success, CIOs need to put their data to work across operations, analytics, and governance with a unified data delivery platform. Additionally, to stay competitive, organizations need to keep their IT portfolio at a low overall cost while remaining agile, improving customer service times, drive new business models and revenue streams to increase their return on investment (ROI).

In the face of this new economic reality, while everyone is grappling with how to get the right data at the right time with reduced IT costs – traditional technologies and data architectures are simply not the answer. Join us in this ‘think tank’ session on July 14th (2.30 - 3.30 pm BST) where Paul Moxon, Denodo’s SVP of Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist will discuss how organizations are using technologies like data virtualization to navigate the current crisis.

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