Women in Analytics Webinar - Sew Your Data into Beautiful Data Fabric (US)

 2020/08/25 - Online

  12:00-13:00pm ET

Do you have lots of data residing in multiple systems? Do you need to get a unified view for them in real-time but your current technology/process doesn't allow? Are you struggling with persisting multiple copies of the stale data? Here we got you covered, literally, but with a virtual fabric. Believe us, it's not Emperor’s New Clothes. It's Data Virtualization - here you don’t need to physically move the data and you get to access it real time with easy metadata and access management. Best of all, it will increase the agility and speed to market of your data product with even less operational overhead. Come join our session to hear more about it with a real world success story from Nationwide Insurance on one of their high profile programs.

Sabitha Darsi - Data Architect, Enterprise Data Office, Nationwide Insurance


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