IDC Financial Summit 2020 (China)

 28 Aug 2020 - Online

  09:30 – 16:40 CST

Denodo is proud to sponsor IDC Financial Summit 2020. Join our session at 14:50 to learn how to accelerate your digital transformation journey with Data Virtualization!

Content on detailed event page:

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Data Virtualization

Speaker: Sam Wu, Denodo Sales Director 

Time: 14:50 – 15:10

In a study of 107 global financial services decision-makers, Forrester found that improving the customer experience was the top business requirement that drove the companies’ transformation needs, followed by the need to integrate channels and the need to provide innovative new products and services. But, it is Data that sits at the core of any digital transformation and the success of any such transformation initiative depends on how efficiently we manage it. Data virtualization is a modern and flexible data integration technology that facilitates digital transformation. Attend this session to understand how using data virtualization, financial companies can

  • Modernize their data infrastructure by providing a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data
  • Implement a centralized governance framework and roll out security measures across the enterprise data infrastructure
  • Integrate data from multiple sources to create a 360-degree view into customers’ changing needs and behaviors


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