Digital Solutions Gallery Virtual Keynote (US)

 2020/09/23 to 2020/09/24 - Online

  10:00 am - 2:00 pm EST

Denodo is proud to sponsor this digital series presented by The Ohio State University.

From the organizers:

"Challenging times often lead to longing for previous times that were more steady and predictable. That does not help. The reality is that situations never re-visit the same place again, as the long list of influencing factors that determine your position is constantly changing. Thus, you must anticipate and change with them in order to survive.

The author Ralph Marston once said, “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations.”

Yet remember that energy expended without a clear focus can quickly dissipate or even become destructive. During these transformational times, focus comes from imagining everyone as your customer, both internally and externally. It also comes from a culture that exhibits a bias for action and demonstrates the courage to think big, imagine new possibilities, try new things, and hold yourself accountable for the resulting outcomes.

As we are now within one of the most significant societal, cultural, and economic revolutions in this country’s short history—quite possibly in all of human history—it is a pivotal moment. It is time to focus, respond and execute accordingly.

In this annual showcase session, we will continue to share with you how some exemplary organizations have been able to do just that".

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