FIMA Europe 2020 (UK)

 02 Nov 2020 to 04 Nov 2020 - Online

We are happy to be participating in the FIMA Europe conference as a sponsor. If you're curious about data virtualization, it's the perfect opportunity! We will be talking about its use cases as well as customer stories and the benefits of using this technology. Don't hesitate to connect with us and watch out for more information on an exclusive hands-on workshop we're running on 2nd November and our customer-led speaking session on 3rd November. We'll be there to answer your questions!

Denodo Workshop on Nov 2nd, 1.00pm GMT

Title: Data Virtualization – Introduction and Hands-On Experience with the Denodo Platform, for data professionals, by Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist, Denodo & Mark Pritchard, Director, EMEA Sales Engineering, Denodo

Success or failure in the digital age will be determined by how effectively organizations manage their data. The speed, diversity and volume of data present today can overwhelm older data architectures. From being identified as the most agile and real-time enterprise data integration technology, Data virtualization has evolved to become one of the most important enterprise big data fabrics, transforming data architectures of the past, by providing the secure, logical data layer needed in cloud computing, AI and advanced analytic environments. Denodo’s vision is to provide a unified data delivery layer as a logical data fabric, to bridge the gap between the IT and the business, hiding the underlying complexity and creating a semantic layer to expose data in a business friendly manner. In this session, we will focus on providing you an overview of data virtualization, its applications, capabilities and take you through a guided hands-on experience, to test and discover the platform’s data virtualization capabilities first-hand.

Attend this hands-on session to learn:

  • What data virtualization really is and how it differs from other enterprise data integration technologies
  • Why data virtualization is finding enterprise-wide deployment inside some of the largest organizations
  • A hands-on lab experience to explore connecting to several data sources and defining a logical data model on top of these sources to integrate the data to satisfy reporting scenarios

Denodo Session on Nov 3, 1.35pm GMT

Title: Client Supplier Case Study – Ensuring Good Data Quality for Compliance and Regulatory Reporting by Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist, Denodo

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