GDS Data & Analytics Digital Summit (US)

 2020/12/02 to 2020/12/04 - Online

Denodo is a sponsor of the GDS Data & Analytics Digital Summit, which will feature multi-dimensional keynotes, live Q&As and interactive sessions that focus on tackling pressing industry challenges & opportunities with like-minded data & analytics experts.

Roundtable: Governing & Managing Increasingly Accessible Data

Hosted by Ravi Shankar, Denodo SVP and CMO

As your growing mound of data is increasingly distributed and touched by so many entities, the need to enact effective data governance and data management strategies to protect the integrity of this data becomes more and more pressing. What are the main data quality challenges you face? How have you tried to overcome these challenges? How successful is your master data management (MDM) framework? How can you perfect MDM to solve data lineage challenges? Is it a fool's errand to aim for structure, standardization and zero technical debt? How can an adaptive approach to data governance transform leaders' ability to develop an agile strategy that suits of the context the various business scenarios they face? How do you adopt adaptive governance as the foundation for your decision framework to feed the appetite of the business for instrumentalizing data? How can leaders successfully balance innovation and governance? How can you design a data governance roadmap that is resilient against any future disruptions that necessitate transformation at speed? To what extent are all these challenges cultural?

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