CXO Conclave 2020 – Sustainability Post-Pandemic: Encashing Digital (India)

 04 Dec 2020 - Online

  9:30AM – 5:30PM IST

Denodo is a Gold Sponsor at the ETBFSI CXO Conclave where delegates will deliberate on how BFSI companies can stay sustainable in the future. The key discussion points will be around leveraging the next- generation technologies to empower customers and ensure robust internal processes.

Don’t miss out on the Denodo speaking session (11:40am – 11:55am, IST)

Title: Next-Gen Enterprise Data Management: The Currency for BFSI Organizations in India to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Speaker: Ravi Shankar, Sr. Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Denodo


The current pandemic has forced a new normal across industries – lower revenue, decreased budget, and fewer staff. Financial services firms have also been affected in a similar way, but how can they adapt to it and survive, much less thrive? The answer may lie in the data that exists within the organization.

Many CxOs are exploring quick ways to keep the business and innovation going by adopting next-generation technologies to propel their growth post-pandemic. But getting there is not that easy – it can take time and cause business disruption. CxOs need an enterprise data management layer that can futureproof such technology changes from the business users and enable them to function during the transition.

Join us for this presentation about how to establish such an enterprise data management layer. The presenter will discuss:

  • The pandemic challenges facing financial services firms
  • What do they need to do now to adapt their firms to the new normal?
  • How can they use data to guide their transition?
  • What type of an enterprise data management layer can help accelerate the transition?

And the Panel session (12:00PM - 12:45PM, IST)

Panel: BFSI CXOs: Multiplying Digital in the New Era

Synopsis: The big questions that the BFSI CXOs discussing now are, how to multiply the various layers of digital in day to day services? The focus on interoperability, omnichannel and usage of middleware has increased for greater agility. This session will discover, in the world of innovation where App is rampant with the Google assistants, how are CXOs engaging with the digital and multiplying and boosting the BFSI.


  • Suresh Sankaranarayanan, EVP & CTO, Kotak Mahindra General Insurance
  • Murali Mohan Rao Manduva, CTO, DCB Bank
  • Suhail Ghai, EVP & CTO, Max Life Insurance
  • Amit Saxena, Global Deputy CTO, State Bank of India
  • Ravi Shankar, SVP & CMO, Denodo

The Denodo India team will also be at the virtual Exhibition booth to have a virtual chat with you!

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