Data Cloud Summit (US)

 2021/01/14 - Online

  9:00 am – 11:30 am ET

Join top leaders and decision-makers from the public-sector IT community at the 2021 Data Cloud Summit to discuss the importance of developing a foundational enterprise data strategy and how that can spark digital transformation, powering new capabilities like machine learning and rapid analytics. These experts will also explore how the cloud can be used to manage data across the enterprise, best practices for keeping government data secure at scale and ways to effectively process and analyze streaming data.

At the core of all government technology operations in 2020, a comprehensive and secure data strategy is essential if agencies are to deliver on their missions and serve the American public. With the arrival of COVID-19 this became even more apparent as agencies looked to data to power their response efforts and considered new ways to securely deliver streaming data insight into the hands of teleworking employees. As governments expand use of cloud technologies and embrace artificial intelligence, data is the foundation upon which these modern enterprises are built.

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