Finnoviti 2021 (India)

 06 Mar 2021 - Online

  9.00 am - 6.05 pm IST

The theme of India’s largest Innovation Mega carnival FINNOVITI 2021 is “World of NEXT” Business and technology players from Banking, Fintech, Technology, Security, innovations, Payments, and related ecosystems will be taking part in the elite gathering of 500 plus BFSI delegates at this mega carnival. Attend the Fireside Chat with Denodo to learn how Data Virtualization can help BFSI organizations in addressing data governance and other data management issues.

Date: 6 March 2021; Time: 11.05 - 11.25 am, IST 

Fireside Chat with Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO, Denodo and Manoj Agrawal, Group Editor Banking Frontiers

Questions that will be discussed:

  • When I think of big data, my mind often visualizes the data lake of a large e-commerce retailer where maybe a thousand products are coming in and going out every minute, and every item is tracked and managed very efficiently. But when I look at a typical data warehouse, data comes in via ETL which looks smaller in comparison. Can data warehouses learn something from retail data lakes?
  • So, if you say that data lakes and data warehouses are complementary and coexist, and contain different sets of data for different purposes, how do you gain a unified view of the data across the data lake and data warehouse?
  • Big data is gold, but also a big headache. What problems has technology solved and what problems still remain?
  • So, if big data repositories are a yet another silo, how can organizations have a central repository for all of the enterprise data in one place?
  • The new challenge for BFSI organizations is data privacy…. Leading to implementing data governance practices. How have your customer BFSI organizations implemented data governance?

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