Big Data Analytics Europe (UK)

 09 Mar 2021 - Online

  09:00 - 16:30 GMT

Europe’s premier virtual big data analytics event connecting enterprise with business. Bringing together the leading actors, thinkers and organisations within the big data, analytics, machine learning and AI space

With a long-held and well-established track record of delivering big data analytics focused events which are situated at the cutting edge of innovation and through which the revelation of new and emerging tools and techniques are shared, Whitehall Media’s BDA Europe 2021 promises to yet again fulfil its role as the leading platform through which new discoveries are shared, solutions to existing problems identified and meaningful partnerships between providers and users formed. Denodo will be taking part with a Keynote Session.

Denodo and Vektis Case Study: Data Virtualisation – Unlocking Data-Driven Agility - 10:50 am CET 9th March

Join Peter Dozy, Solution Architect at Vektis as he explores the ways Data Virtualisation is unlocking data-driven agility and accelerating their organisation’s business objectives. Facilitated by Stuart Simmons, Sales Director at Denodo, this interactive session is a must for anyone interested in learning how Data Virtualisation can solve complex use-cases and make a real impact in driving the agility and flexibility required of a modern data environment. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Business & Technical Challenges at Vektis - Data Virtualisation - The solution
  • Vektis Use-case and architecture
  • The benefits and experience of implementing Data Virtualization
  • Future plans for Data Virtualization in Vektis


  • Peter Dozy, Solution Architect, Vektis
  • Stuart Simmons, Sales Director, Denodo
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