Chief Data Officer Live Series 2021, ASEAN (July Edition)

 21 Jul 2021 - Online

  9:00 am - 12:00 pm SGT

Denodo is proud to be sponsoring the Chief Data Officer Live 2021, SEA. For this month's edition, the theme focus on "How To Cultivate Successful Data Culture And Data Literacy Across Your Organisation,"

You will get to hear from Chris Day, Director, APAC Sales Engineering from Denodo on Wednesday, 9.00am SGT as he presents "How Data Virtualization Democratises Analytics Across the Organisation".

About the Session:

The current data landscape is fragmented, not just in location but also in terms of processing paradigms: data lakes, IoT architectures, NoSQL, and graph data stores, SaaS applications, etc. are found coexisting with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, ML, and AI. Data Virtualization is a modern data integration technique in which a single semantic layer can be built containing semantic definitions of all of the underlying sources.

Attend this session to understand how data virtualization:

  • Helps organisations create a logical architecture
  • Seamlessly implement the concept of 'Data Marketplace'
  • Enable all business users to derive value from self-service analytics tools
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