Intelligent Data Summit (US)

 2021/07/22 - Online

Denodo is a speaker of the Intelligent Data Summit, together with vendors who will show how to design and deliver a modern digital enterprise powered by analytics, data & AI/ML.

Join Ravi Shankar, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo, on Thursday, July 22th, 2021, as he presents 'Physical or Logical Data Fabric: Which One is the Intelligent Option for Modern Enterprise Data Management?'

About the session:

Gartner defines Data Fabric as an “architecture that can address the extreme levels of diversity, distribution, scale and complexity in organizations’ data assets.” But which approach should you use – a logical one powered by data virtualization or a physical one powered by data lake and warehouse? This presentation will discuss the merits and demerits of both approaches learned from successful customer use cases. Specifically: 

  • What is a data fabric? 
  • How is a logical data fabric different from a physical data fabric? 
  • Which companies are successfully using the logical data fabric and for what use case?
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