Data in Time: The Strategic Mantra for Thriving Businesses (India)

 03 Sep 2021 - Online

  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm IST

Banking Frontiers Presents DATAinTIME The Strategic Mantra for Thriving Businesses, Knowledge Partner Denodo

Data is at the center point of businesses in this age of Digital Transformation. Innovations, Experience, Risk, Compliance, Operations and almost every function survives and thrives on Analytics on the backbone of data. JUST IN TIME is a concept that redefined the world of production. Today, it is “Data In Time” that can revolutionize the world of Financial Services businesses and Innovations. Gartner and Forrester envisage that the logical data fabric will form the foundation of next-gen data and analytics. Logical data fabrics help to speed up insights and bring ultimate flexibility in analytical modernization. Thus, “Data in Time” will accelerate the next level of growth.

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