ETCIO Data Strategy Summit 2021 (India)

 08 Sep 2021 - Online

In today's world, running a business without a data strategy is akin to running on a road blind. Businesses flourish only when they adopt a seamless and systematic process to collect, store, analyze, and manage data.

Data can help businesses understand their users, competition, and market; measure the success of their employees and company; solve problems faster, make decisions quicker; improve their brand’s customer experience; and map their company’s performance. It is certainly not by chance that companies that have the most market value today (such as Google, Facebook, etc) have data at the core of their business models.

There's no doubt then that one of the top-most priorities for a majority of organizations globally is to become data-centered. However, to achieve this goal, they need a comprehensive, future-proof, and cutting-edge data strategy. To address enterprise technology leaders' most pressing questions with respect to developing a big data strategy and transforming their business model and organizations, Economic Times CIO (ETCIO) is launching its maiden Data Strategy Summit.

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