Corinium Data Champions Online Canada

 2021/09/21 - Online

  3:05pm - 3:50pm EDT

Think Tank Moderator

Ravi Shankar, SVP & CMO, Denodo to moderate:

Data to the Rescue! Executing your Data Strategy to Move Beyond Recovery, Deliver Value, & Turbo-Charge your Organization’s Future Success Discussion Points:

  • What are the core requirements for a strong data strategy, and how can you best achieve these?
  • What makes a successful data strategy in practice?
  • And what are the best approaches to delivering it in the real world?
  • Defining direction whilst remaining flexible – How do ensure your strategy is prepared for future change to ensure enduring relevance?
  • Aligning your data strategy with the goals and priorities of the wider business to ensure relevance and impact
  • Balancing the delivery of short-term ‘quick wins’, with the need to also realize longer term projects which provide greater strategic value
  • Looking forward to a post-pandemic world – Identifying new growth opportunities through data & analytics to benefit from the expected boom
  • What steps should you take to ensure that data analytics are a key driver of your company’s growth plans?
  • How can you best communicate the success of your data function and the ROI that it has delivered?


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