ESI Public Sector Network Event

 2021/10/21 - Online

  12 pm to 2:15 pm EST

Creating clear and strategic governance policies to drive data accuracy and accessibility There are a multitude of benefits to a robust information and data management strategy: fewer information silos, better accuracy, security, accessibility, and strong foundational information infrastructure to anchor future analytics and AI developments.

While the majority of focus may be on the more exciting capabilities of advanced analytics – like machine learning and artificial intelligence – data management and governance are crucial elements to ensuring these applications are successful. Strong data integrity and frameworks are the foundation that build your data strategy and can maximize its value by informing better decision-making and therefore driving forward the quality, accuracy, and availability of insights.

But successful data and information management cannot be achieved without collaboration. Join us for Public Sector Network’s Information and Data Management virtual event where data leaders from across the Canadian public sector will share and discuss a diverse range of ideas that focus on a common mission: a public sector that maximizes the value of data.

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