TDWI Spotlight - Enabling Data Self-Service with Security, Governance, and Regulatory Compliance (US)

 2021/11/09 - Online

  9:00 am PT // 12:00 pm ET

Companies today want to realize the value of data and share it across the enterprise. While unlocking the full potential of data for business users, these companies must also ensure that they maintain security requirements. Learn how you can successfully implement self-service initiatives with data governance to enable both business and IT to realize the full potential of any data in the enterprise.


  • Logical Data Fabric: Achieving Balance Between Self-Service Agility and Governance by David Stodder – 20 min
  • Fireside Chat: How Fifth Third Bank Achieved Regulatory Excellence Through Self-Service Analytics; Interview with Kayleigh,moderated by Ravi Shankar – 30 min
  • Data Virtualization: How to Logically Enable Self-Service, Security, Governance, and Regulatory Compliance by Ravi Shankar – 10 min
  • Q&A - 30 min
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