Forrester Strategy and Insights (US)

 2021/11/18 to 2021/11/19 - Online

  12:00 pm - 4:30 pm ET

Denodo Fireside Chat: Advanced Semantics, Security and Privacy will be in the Spotlight Theatre at Forrester Data Strategy and Insights November 18–19, 2021.

Join John Gartman, Director of Data Engineering at a leading global alternative asset manager and Saptarshi Sengupta, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, in this Fireside Chat to delve into the details of how Denodo Platform’s advanced metadata and semantics based features help organizations build better trust and governance on data improves stewardship and help fill the gap between business concepts and technical implementation.

About Data Strategy and Insights:

Business leaders, technology leaders and CX leaders all want and need to harness their data in order to be successful. Data professionals can be the connective tissue that enables any business to maximize its potential, eliminate redundancies and accelerate growth.

But it’s not only about being connected: it’s about being in control., having confidence in data integrity and using data insights to take business to the next level. When data professionals are an integral part of business decision- making – when they move from the back room to the board room, all things are possible.

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