CDO National Virtual Summit (US)

 2022/02/17 - Online

  12:00 pm - 4:15 pm EST

Keynote Panel: “Enterprise Transformation: How to Futureproof against Technology Shifts and Disruptive Technologies?”; 12:05 pm - 12:50 pm ET

The only way for your business to stay ahead of the competition is to embark on continuous enterprise transformation. That means, given the digitally entwined business, enterprises need to embrace disruptive technologies and brace for technology shifts. But how can you insulate the business from such technology changes and keep the operations running without interruption? In this panel, veteran CIOs and CDOs will share their experience of what, and specifically what not, to do while adopting latest technologies and yet keeping the business humming.

Learn about the major challenges in undertaking major transformation changes with:

  • Moderator: Ravi Shankar, SVP and CMO, Denodo
  • Panelists:
    • Vijay Yadav Director, Quantitative Science, Head of Data Science - Center for Mathematical Sciences Merck & Co
    • Marsha Maxwell - Head of Technology & Innovation, Atlanta International School
    • Atul Jain - Head of AI & ML Platforms, Verizon
    • Jeffrey Headd - Vice President, Commercial Data Science, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
    • Ryan Donnally - Executive Director, Data, Analytics, and Governance, Quest Diagnostics
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