GDS Data & Analytics Summit: The Future of the Data Leader

 2022/03/01 to 2022/03/03 - Online

Denodo is a sponsor of the GDS Data & Analytics Digital Summit, which will feature multi-dimensional keynotes, live Q&As and interactive sessions that focus on tackling pressing industry challenges & opportunities with like-minded data & analytics experts.

Roundtable: 'Track 3: The Business Engine Room - Identifying Insights and Making Data Driven Decisions' hosted by Ravi Shankar, Denodo SVP and CMO.

According to KPMG Capital, 99 % of businesses consider data and web analytics to be important to their organizations, yet 85 % of executives struggle to analyze and interpret their existing data. The roundtable will explore:

  • What kind of activities build employees trust in data and a willingness to follow and even contribute towards an effective data strategy that shows the value? What is the cutting edge of data democratization?
  • How is technology enabling companies to overcome silo, data quality and enablement issues?
  • How can D&A executives communicate data value & strategy to key stakeholders, ensuring evidence-based decisions? Who are the storytellers and data translators?
  • How do we enable data-driven decision-making?
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