TDWI - Orlando

 08 Dec 2014 to 12 Dec 2014 - Orlando, Florida (USA)

Data Virtualization is now mainstream! And, this full day data virtualization course offered by the Data Warehousing Institute, TDWI, is a testament to this!

The data integration landscape has changed radically the past few years. What was once a relatively manageable problem of blending and unifying data from enterprise transaction systems has grown to encompass external data, Web data, clickstream data, end-user data, big data, cloud data, and more. New expectations for information-driven business agility further compound the complexities of modern data integration. The ETL-based data warehouse is no longer enough. Data virtualization is a core component of next-generation data integration architectures, techniques, and technology.

This TDWI course developed and taught by TDWI includes several cases studies from Denodo customers representing state-of-the-art, high scale implementations. If you missed it at the past event, it is on the agenda in Orlando!

Meet with a Data Virtualization Expert

Speak with a Data Virtualization expert about your specific scenario or project. Gain practical knowledge and learn implementation best practices about using Data Virtualization for your solution.


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