Forrester Data Strategy & Insights

 04 Dec 2018 to 05 Dec 2018 - Orlando, Florida

Denodo is excited to be a silver sponsor at Forrester Data Strategy & Insight’s event in Orlando, FL. Attend this event to learn more about data virtualization. At this event you will also learn how to start scaling your data efforts to focus on insights that matter, insights that will drive both incremental and transformational action for your business. At this inaugural event, Forrester will bring together their leading analysts and practitioners who have been on this journey to help expand existing data strategy — from the refinement of customer experience and operational processes to the new business opportunities that deep data analysis can deliver. You can learn more about how we are a leader in data virtualization as well success stories straight from our customer Andrew Sohn, SVP at Crawford & Company. Look forward to seeing you all there!

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