Chief Data Officer Network - UK

 18 Oct 2021 to 19 Oct 2021 - Oxford Belfry Hotel, Oxford, UK

  8:30 a.m. to 19:00 p.m. BST

Denodo is glad to participate in this year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network that brings together the most innovative Data Officers in the UK to share their insights and strategies to overcome challenges, gain advantages and plan for the future.

The most successful business transformation programmes are delivered when a data driven culture is embedded into business strategy. The more data driven your business is, the higher your ROI and performance will be. Workshops will examine the latest technology and evaluate cutting edge tools to achieve your goals.

Topics covered during these two days:

  • Creating a successful data strategy
  • Driving revenue growth through the use of AI, ML and big data
  • The overstretched CDO – expectation vs reality
  • Data ethics, privacy and security
  • Data culture and literacy
  • DataOps methodologies

Don't miss our session: "Delivering Faster & Better Quality Data with Data Virtualization" at 11:00 BST on Tuesday 19th October, 2021.

Speaker: Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing, EMEA and LATAM, Denodo.

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