Chief Data Officer Live A/NZ

 05 Apr 2022 - Pullman Hotel, Brisbane, Australia

Denodo is proud to be sponsoring the Chief Data Officer Live Series 2022: Building winning data teams through culture, innovation and technology.

The past year has been a game-changer for companies worldwide, not because it demonstrated the importance of digitalisation but because it revealed the crucial need for agility and resilience in disruptive times. And so, data is continually proving to be the key driver of future business models to provide the optimum consumer experience, but the rules have changed and leaders must rethink their data and data teams strategy to remain at the forefront.

You can no longer focus on one aspect of your success strategy and the fact that they all go hand in hand. Organisations now more than ever understand that in order to gain a competitive advantage you have to have an all-encompassing approach to your culture, innovation and your technology and the answer is YES, this goes for your data teams too.

Join this session as we discuss building a winning data foundation when it comes to:

  • Technology as an enabler: experience for your customers, ease and flexibility for your employees
  • Innovation at the center of what we do in data whilst leveraging the opportunity of automation
  • Realigning and defining your talent strategy and what success means for your teams when it comes to data success
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