Chief Data Officer Series July 2022

 19 Jul 2022 - Pullman Hotel, Brisbane

  8:30 am - 4:50 pm AEST

Denodo is proud to be sponsoring the Chief Data Officer Live Series July 2022:  Driving Data Culture to Enable a Customer-Focused, Value-Driven Mindset Exploding quantities of data have the potential to fuel a new era of fact-based innovation in corporations, backing up new ideas with solid evidence. Buoyed by hopes of better satisfying customers, streamlining operations, and clarifying strategy, firms have for the past decade amassed data, invested in technologies, and paid handsomely for analytical talent. Yet for many companies a strong, data-driven culture remains elusive, and data are rarely the universal basis for decision making.

Join this months edition to learn how to:

  • Creating a culture to go hand in hand with your digital infrastructure
  • Crafting a mindset of value measurement, alignment, and viability
  • Less bureaucracy more autonomy: measuring the success of key industries that focused on customer values
  • Utilising Insights to Enhance the Value Propositions for Your Customers
  • Using advanced analytics, machine learning and personalisation techniques to deliver relevant experiences

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