International Big Data Summit 2014

 02 Dec 2014 to 05 Dec 2014 - Rome (Italy)

This Summit will look at how to use Big Data for competitive advantage. It looks at popular Big Data use cases, Hadoop deep dive, streaming analytics, NoSQL DBMSs and how to integrate Big Data into your existing analytical architecture. It also looks at the growing problem of data governance and data management in a Big Data environment and how to deal with this. Analysts like Mike Fergusson, Rick Van der Lans, Bernard Marr and Vladimir Bacvanski will conduct different sessions on Data Integration, Business Analytics and Big Data. Denodo will be present at the event to explain how data virtualization offers a common layer to get access to Big Data solutions like Hadoop, NoSQL and traditional enterprise environments, meaning that they can coexist seamlessly, avoiding "yet another silo" when deploying Big Data solutions.

Denodo will be part of this event with a dedicated booth and also as a panelist.

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